20 Lessons to Take into the New Year

We’re into the second week of 2018 and I can hardly believe it. I love it when the new year comes. It gives me time to reflect on the year prior, and I have a chance to evaluate what is missing in my life and what I should do more of and less of. I like to set goals, and January is the perfect time to wipe the slate clean and start over. Here are some things I learned during the past year that I want to take with me into the new year and beyond.

Laugh more. Laughter is the best medicine.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. There are things far more important in life than some everyday trifles. All things must pass; you can conquer anything.

Dare greatly. Risks are necessary in life. Taking risks is a great way to move forward and onward in your career and life.

Live every moment. We can get caught up in our thoughts and sometimes forget the world around us. When we connect in the present, we can live fuller lives.

Keep things in perspective. Sometimes it helps to look at the bigger picture.

Don’t take anything for granted. There are so many things in this life that we forget to be thankful for. I’m grateful for the sun in the sky and the smiles of my children. Some people aren’t so lucky.

Make mistakes. How else do you learn?

Forgive. Grudges are so toxic to the mind and body. Forgiving is so much better.

Be persistent. When you push against resistance, you can only go further.

Dream big. It’s okay to have dreams! Large goals will only motivate you more to get where you’re going.

Get inspiredThere is so much in this life to be inspired by. Look around at the people closest to you and take what they have to learn.

Express gratitude. I owe everything I have to God. I thank him every day.

Experience the journey. Sometimes the end goal can get in the way of our larger thinking. When you experience the journey, you get to experience life to its fullest.

Never stop trying. Always have your foot on the accelerator.

Think positive thoughts. The more positivity in your life the better you’ll feel. When you think positive you can become positive.

Give more. I can’t stress enough how important it is to give back. I’ve been very blessed and nothing feels better than sharing those blessings.

Be Mindful. Be aware of your inner and outer worlds.

Be open to change. Change is not only inevitable, it’s also healthy. Always try to move forward.

Nurture your relationships. Whether referring to spouses, friends, or children, relationships take work and effort. You have to take the time to nurture relationships. Relationships between loved ones are extremely crucial to a healthy, meaningful life.

Love hard. The most important lesson of all. Remind everyone you love how much you care for them every day. There is so much love to go around–take it and return it!

What are your New Years resolutions? What did you learn from 2017?

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