Fun fact: Did you know that frankincense and myrrh are not just gifts from the magi? They’re also essential oils.

I became obsessed with essential oils a few years ago when a friend of mine suggested using lavender to help with plane jitters. I was skeptical at first. How can smell really help put those butterflies at ease? (People use xanax for that, and last I heard, xanax did not work because of scent.) Despite my skepticism, I tried it. I put dabs of the lavender on my neck and wrist before going to the airport, hoping the oil would linger long enough before takeoff. On the plane, when engine starting roaring, and we started lifting into the air, I put my nose to my wrist, and breathed in deep. Soon after, relief. My anxiety dwindled, and relaxation began to set in.

Since then, I’ve become quite the oil dabbler. When I have tummy trouble, I turn to a mixture of peppermint and ginger oil to find solace. Citrus is my go-to oil for hydration (who knew?), and eucalyptus helps me wake up in the morning, while chamomile helps soothe my wandering mind to sleep.

There is a magical world of essential oil that I am just tapping into. I love Young Living because they have over 100 essential oils and blends for me to try. I’ve been learning so much about this  new kind of wellness, and each new discovery has opened my senses to a more vibrant way of healthy living. Because essential oils each have their own healing and therapeutic properties, I can find a scent that can accompany any ailment and incur any mood. I honestly can’t get enough.

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Do you use essential oils? Which ones do you swear by? What are your must-haves?