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Girls Day Picnic

My Girl’s Day Picnic! I love having picnics with my kids, planned or last minute (we get our fair share of both). I think spending time with my girls or boys by themselves pushes them to open up about things that they may or may not open up about when we’re all together. And it definitely builds bonds. Picnics are just one way to spend a little one-on-one time with your kiddos that’s simple, low key, but full of memory building. And, turns out, there is more to these picnics than just food and fun. Here are just a few ways spending quality time with your kids benefits your health, soul, and life.

Connection and bond

When I picnic with my daughters, I’m building a connection between them and myself. Connections build trust. When a family bonds together, they are more likely to adapt and be able to solve problems with ease. I want to nurture our bond, so that they always know they can come to me in any time of need, and they will trust that I will be there for them.

Develops healthy, positive behaviors

As a mother, it is my responsibility to teach my children kindness and compassion. Spending time alone with my daughters lets them know that I love them and I value them. I also make sure my influence on them is always a positive one. And with healthy outlooks on life, my girls are more likely to make good choices.

Builds self-esteem

Studies show that spending quality time with your kids builds self-confidence. I want to teach my girls self-respect, and our special days together allow me to do that. They feel appreciated and that builds their self-esteem and overall positivity.

Relieves stress

Because the relationship between my girls and me is built upon trust, I am able to have important conversations with them about their worries, fears, and tribulations. Our picnics are a time to open up and share, and when we are able to share our issues, we are able to relieve stress, and my girls can feel more at ease with hardship.

Creates happy memories

Above all, my picnics with my girls are treasures I will always keep. We are making memories that will last lifetimes, and creating a tradition I hope my girls will carry on!


How do you spend time with your kids?


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